From Tom Todoroff:
“Sam is among the most driven and passionate actors I’ve known.
Put your faith in him.” (

From M.C. Hammer: “A powerful voice!”

From Sharon Janis, Filmmaker and Editor
“What makes Sam unique is the breadth of his ability.”

From Robert Currie, Director, Marin Shakespeare Company:
“There’s no one up there having more fun than Sam Rubin.”

From Peter Maleitzke, Singing Without Limitation:
“Sam always accomplishes something unexpected.”

From Lloyd Segan, EP Greek: “Johnny Depp doesn’t hold a candle to you.”

From Jd Michaels, Producer: “Sam’s rich voice displays a tone, intensity and presence as rich as butter while strong as steel.”

From Max Sokoloff, Cinematographer:
“Sam is an extraordinary actor with incredible intuition, who excels in both comedies and dramas. He brings depth and nuance to any material he approaches. He’s unbelievably hardworking and professional. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him.”

Iris Torres, Producer, Elysium Bandini Studios:
“We loved his audition so much, we created a role for him.” 

From Cole Daniel Hills, Director:
“You provided such a natural flow and personality to Mookie’s character that I honestly couldn’t have even imagined being there without you. You are awesome to work with.” 

From Cameron Mark Lewis, Producer
“I have been fortunate to work with Sam over the years, seeing him grow from an aspiring actor and filmmaker, to a true professional before my very eyes. Sam’s passion for art and creativity knows no bounds and is highly contagious to everyone around him. He is fearless on stage, taking risks and seizing opportunities to improvise and connect with his fellow actor in the moment. Sam’s vision behind the camera is equally as impressive and can be seen in the numerous film projects he has crafted. I look forward to collaborating with Sam for years to come.”

From Sumi Narendran Cardinale, Actor:
“I had the pleasure to work with the multi-talented Sam Rubin on Novato Theatre’s “A Cajun Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Sam’s craft and professionalism are outstanding and his cast spirit infectious.”

Deborah MacDonald, DP: 
“The camera loves you!”