Sam at Dreamworks

Spring Break…

March 19th: Betsy Franco‘s “The Fringe Class” showed at Cinequest in San Jose: The film is based on her upcoming book, The Art of Love, which was inspired by her incredible and sensitive work with incarcerated teens. I am so grateful to have been cast in this film. I played a homeless teen named Mookie. The cast and crew were just terrific. And, the film itself is beautifully rendered.

Sam as Mookie

March 21: Two days later, I found myself on the lot of Dreamworks for a post-production meeting of a film for which I consulted about a specific character. I can’t say much more about it at this point. But, when I can, I will. Grateful to the writer/director for trusting me with his script.

And, last, but not least, when I got to LA, the Painted Lady butterfly migration was in full force. Was met with a river of butterflies. Despite my innate fear of butterflies, it was magical. …an omen?

California Dreamin’

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